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About CCI AG

CCI - Competitive Corporate Intelligence AG is a unique company founded to provide the best available services in the field of Competitive Intelligence and Cyber Intelligence to the corporate sector. CCI employs proven methods and technology developed and successfully applied by governments’ intelligence organizations. These methods have been modified and adapted into commercial implementations with an emphasis on legal and ethical intelligence gathering without applying immoral techniques of information collection. Our company is built on the unparalleled experience of its leading and highly experienced intelligence and cyber security experts that have previously served in organizations such as the FBI, Interpol and the Israeli law enforcement services.

We invite you to choose CCI - Competitive Corporate Intelligence AG as your business partner. Our proven intelligence specialists who have mastery over the art of collecting, processing and analyzing information and dealing with human and cyber make the difference between success and failure in your business.

Our Management

  • Simon Perry

    Dr. Perry is currently the Co-Director of the Program in Policing and Homeland Security Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Institute of Criminology, Faculty of Law. He is also a Professor in the Graduate School and involved in research with colleagues in Israel and U.S.
    Dr. Perry joined the Israeli Police in 1978 and has served in a variety of positions during the past 30 years. Between 2003 and 2007 he was Police Attaché & Liaison Officer to the USA & Canada, Israeli Police & Ministry of Public Security (at rank of Brigadier General). He was responsible for cooperation and coordination between the Israeli National Police and law enforcement and intelligence agencies on the federal, state and local levels, primarily in the areas of fighting international organized crime and terrorism. He was also responsible for cooperation between the Ministry of Public Security in Israel and the Department of Homeland Security and Homeland Security Agencies on state and local level. During these four years was involved in many operational cases as well as in exchanging information and training many law enforcement units and commanding officers. He also served as Head of Narcotics Department and Head of European Operations at the Israeli National Police.
    Earlier he served as Commander of Intelligence and Operational Division in the National Unit for Exposing Severe, International and Organized Crime. He commanded hundreds of police officers in charge of collecting intelligence information and evidence using live and technical sources, undercover agents, surveillance units as well as analysis of intelligence information. The unit deals with national and international organized crime, sensitive investigations on a national level as well as terror and counter-espionage.
    In 1997 he was Head of Interpol and International Relations at the Intelligence Department in the Israel Police Headquarters. His responsibilities included the management of all Interpol activities in Israel and abroad; exchanging intelligence information and evidence through Interpol and legal channels.
  • Mr. Steven L. Pomerantz

    Senior Intelligence Advisor
    Mr. Pomerantz, Former Assistant Director in the FBI, retired from the FBI in June 1995 after a career spanning twenty-seven years. During that time period he rose from a field investigative Special Agent to the rank of Assistant Director, the third highest position in the FBI.
    In November of 1993, Mr. Pomerantz became Assistant Director in charge of the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division, the largest single organizational entity in the FBI. The CJIS Division provides technical and criminal justice information services to virtually every criminal justice agency in the United States as well as having extensive dealings abroad. Mr. Pomerantz was the recipient of numerous awards and commendations during his career. In 1991 the President of the United States recognized him as a Meritorious Executive in the Senior Executive Service.
    Mr. Pomerantz served three separate tours of duty at FBI Headquarters. Included among those assignments was service as a supervisor and Unit Chief in the Organized Crime Section in the Criminal Investigative Division. He later served as Chief of the Counter-Terrorism Section. In that capacity, Mr. Pomerantz had responsibility for supervision of all FBI counter- terrorism investigations both domestically and abroad. He was also involved extensively in law enforcement and intelligence service liaison as part of the worldwide effort to combat terrorism.
    Mr. Pomerantz currently serves as Associate Executive Director and Director of Counter Terrorism Programs JINSA. He is a partner in Itel Tech International, a Virginia based company that is involved in the identification and marketing of newly emerging technology in the homeland security arena. Mr. Pomerantz also serves as Vice President of the Institute for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence, a nonprofit international organization located in Washington, D.C.
  • Mr. Yoram Hessel

    Senior Intelligence Advisor
    Mr. Hessel retired from the Mossad in February, 2003, upon completion of thirty years of active service. At the time of his retirement, Mr. Hessel served as Head of Global Operations, Intelligence and Foreign Relations Division of the Mossad, a position he held for four years. In this capacity Mr. Hessel was responsible for all joint intelligence operations, inter-alia, strategic intelligence collection, counter-terrorism and other intelligence activities conducted by the Service.
    Prior to attaining this position, bearing the civilian equivalent of the rank of Major General, Mr. Hessel served in various other capacities in the Organization. Among these were Chief of Western Hemisphere Department, Executive Assistant to the Director of the Mossad and Chief of Station in Washington D.C. During his five years in the United States (1992-1997), Mr. Hessel had overall liaison responsibilities with the United States Intelligence Community and had extensive contacts with them. During his career in the Service, Mr. Hessel also served in other foreign postings.
    Mr. Hessel now holds the following positions: CEO, Vintage Crown Ltd., Israel, President, IntelliTech International LLC., USA, Member of the Board of Directors, Crystal Machinery and Electrical Appliances Ltd., Israel, Member of the Strategic Advisory Board, SIMLAT Ltd., Israel, Member of the Intelligence Summits’ International Advisory Council, USA., Member of the Board of Directors, Friends of Rabin Medical Center, Israel, Member of the Executive Board, Israel National Committee, International Chamber of Commerce ( ICC ), former Member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Audit and Related Parties, Financial Reporting and Subsidiary Companies Committee, Bank Otsar Hachayal Ltd., Israel (2003-2009), former Co-Chairman and Member of the Board of Directors, DynaTrage Inc. USA (2003 -2008), former Member of the Strategic Advisory Committee, ELUL Group, Ltd., Israel (2004-2008), former Member of the Board of Trustees and ICT Associate, The International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism, Israel (2003-2007).
    Mr. Hessel’s academic record comprises a Diploma in International Affairs from University College, London (1970), a Bachelor of Science Degree in economics (B.Sc.Econ.Hons) from The London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London (1973), and a Master of science Degree in International Relations (M.Sc.) from the same institution (1974). He attended the Hague Academy of International Law (1972) and was a Lecturer in Public International Law and International Institutions at Tel Aviv University (1978-9). Mr. Hessel was awarded the S.H. Bailey Scholarship in International Studies for 1972 by The London School of Economics.
  • Mr. Hezi Leder

    Chief Intelligence Advisor
    Within the framework of Brig. Gen, (Ret.) Hezi Leder’s 28-year career in the Israel Police, Mr. Hezi Leder’s positions included Head of Intelligence at the National Police HQ where he was responsible for the professional management of diverse intelligence activities carried out by a workforce of 2,500 detectives, intelligence analysts and undercover agents.
    In his last position at the Israel Police, he served as the Police Attaché to the USA and Canada, where he cooperated with federal, state and local police departments and other bodies engaged in law enforcement, intelligence and anti-terrorist activities; coordinated joint intelligence-investigation operations between US and Canadian law enforcement agencies and the Israeli Police, maintained contact with relevant industries in the sphere of law enforcement and represented the Israel Police in professional organizations and conferences.
    Following his retirement, Mr. Leder co-founded a company specializing in business and competitive intelligence in commercial enterprises and he currently serves as the chairman of the Israel Competitive Intelligence Forum (ICIF).
  • Dr. Amit Steinhart

    Vice President for Research
    Dr. Amit Steinhart has been VP for research and chief intelligence analyst for CCI since the foundation of the company. He is a lecturer at Sofia University (the graduate program in International Relations and Security Studies). Dr. Steinhart academic expertise is in “controlling intelligence organizations in a democracy”. Recently, Dr. Steinhart participates in an international research project on the usage of human intelligence within cyber space. Dr. Steinhart has a long and successful experience as an entrepreneur in investment projects in Eastern Europe.
  • Mr. Oded Dardikman, L.L.B.

    Chief Representative for Switzerland
    Mr. Oded Dardikman is a lawyer, owner of Dardikman Law Offices operating from Zurich and Tel Aviv. Mr. Dardikman has specialized in Israeli property law. He has dealt with negotiating, filing and representing financial lawsuits on behalf of Israeli Land Administration, as well as on behalf of the Israel National Road Company in infrastructure lawsuits.
  • Mr. Yuval Cohen

    Director of Cyber Intelligence
    Mr. Yuval Cohen is an Information Security specialist with background in networking, Internet and embedded software technologies. He served as security analyst, performing risk analysis and overseeing security aspects in various military projects. Mr. Cohen has also directed research and development of InfoSec products for internal military use.
  • Mr. Alexander Pelev, LL.M.

    Mr. Alexander Pelev is an advocate, owner of Alexander Pelev’s Law office and managing partner of „Bulgarian Consulting Company” LLC. Mr. Pelev has specialized in Bulgarian property and commercial law and is advisor and administrator of many International Business Companies in various jurisdictions. Mr. Pelev is licensed mediator and arbitrator.
    After graduating as Master in Law in the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, he spent one year as trainee at the Sofia City Court and in 1997 was admitted to the bar. In the years 2002 – 2005 he was a registered insolvency trustee.
    In his past he has worked as freelancing analyst of the Bulgarian stock market having many publications and has hosted and edited various broadcasts on the Bulgarian national television channels thus obtaining an extensive experience of gathering and structuring information.