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Organizational Intelligence Audit

Organizations employ analysts as well as technological products in order to gather, analyze and provide decision makers with intelligence reports. There are countless technological tools in the market with which one can gather and manage information. Besides the market has numerous different methodologies that analysts could use to be productive in their work. Our software helps decision makers identify ineffective elements in their intelligence department, be it the use of a wrong technological solution, unqualified personnel or unsuitable process. This supervision and control task is important and complex, as the intelligence department is typically required to both identify threats and decide upon tools to use to handle threats. This means decision makers are frequently unequipped and unable to appropriately oversee and control decisions made by the intelligence department.

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Litigation Support

By combining cyber and human intelligence methods, we support our clients in litigation and conflict management. We have a thorough understanding of different – both national and international - legal systems and judicial practices. From evidence collection through the analysis of vulnerabilities, hidden agenda and strategy of the adversaries of our clients to locating potential witnesses, we provide a range of service that is indispensable in litigation and conflict resolution. Our selected team of intelligence, cyber and legal experts is capable of helping our clients even with the most complicated legal cases without applying immoral techniques. With our services law firms can achieve better success rate in court cases and corporations are able to professionally and favourably manage conflicts.

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Due Diligence

Whether it is merger, acquisition, take-over, capital investment, buy-out or green-field investment, complex business transactions depend on some vital information that cannot be simply obtained through analyzing the accounting books. We provide our clients with services that can reveal otherwise unobtainable information about the current or future vendors and business partners by which the risks of high-stake decisions can be minimized.

Tags: merger, acquisition, take-over, capital investment, investment, risk, due diligence

Competitive Intelligence

Our competitive intelligence services help our clients leverage the company’s knowledge in order to achieve significant advantage and to reach the desired business goals, as well as decipher early signs of business opportunities or crisis. We assist our clients in filling the information gaps when having difficult negotiations, advise them on the business, legal and cultural environment they have to deal in. We warn them on the customary practices and risks involved when dealing with foreign authorities and prepare them for likely scenarios that might occur due to these influences. We are able to find and locate the weak points like information leakage or other risk sources within the organization. We monitor the competitors’ strategies and activities, map their local networks, influence and attempts to weaken our client’s position while designing counterbalancing strategies to preserve our client’s best interest.

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Cyber Intelligence

The dizzying pace of technology development poses ever growing threat to all business actors and individuals. While building up effective defence against cyber attacks is key to protect business and personal interests, our approach has a wider scope. Since we have a live connection to the hacker community and employ among the best experts who have unparalleled understanding of the Darknet and the latest technologies, we offer a three-level cyber security service package. First, we build up and operate an Early Warning System for our client, which is able to trace down potential threats in their preparation phase, before the actual attack happens. It enables our client to take preventive steps, properly prepare for the coming attack and make adequate decisions to eliminate the chances of any future damage. Secondly, our professional cyber technology experts apply state-of-the art technology to monitor 24/7 our client’s infrastructure. Finally, we are able to investigate any past wrongdoings, help collect evidences and locate those involved in cyber attacks against our client. Furthermore based on the analysis of the attack and its consequences we advise our client how to improve IT security, and how to improve the online reputation of the company.

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