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Banking & Finance

Most of CCI’s services are tailored for banks, financial service providers, hedge funds and other financial institutions. This sector above and beyond depends on reliable information. Our human and cyber intelligence capabilities can serve financial institutions in many areas such as collecting information, fraud detection and investigation, risk assessment, compliance, asset tracing and recovery, market analysis, trend projection.

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Fraud detection and investigation is part of the everyday business of insurance companies everywhere in the world and our company is here to help. When working for our clients CCI applies legal and ethical intelligence methods, thus the data we acquire can be used to support our clients in legal cases.

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Energy companies have to apply special techniques and maintain a professional system to protect their infrastructure and to secure the supply chain and transport system. Beyond the physical protection of the assets it is vital to detect potential threats and make preventive measures. This is where CCI steps in: combining human and cyber intelligence methods, we are able to provide energy companies with an early warning system that traces the signs of potential attacks.

Tags: energy, security

Law Firms

Litigation cases are growing more and more complex. A piece of sensitive information can be decisive in court cases. Our task is to find this piece of information. Beside our intelligence professionals, our legal experts are familiar with the different legal systems and judicial practices. Thus the information or evidence we gather and the methods we apply fully comply with the special legal and ethical requirements. With CCI’s support law firms can achieve better success rate in court cases.

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Multinational Corporations

Multinational business organizations are leading and deepening the globalization of the world economy. As a consequence these corporations are increasingly exposed to different types of risk. Our services like vendor and partner due diligence, internal leakage detection or competitor analysis can help eliminate these risks and fine-tune the business strategy that leads to success in the market.

Tags: leakage, competitor analysis, competitive intelligence, cross-border transaction, business strategy

Property Investors

The valuation of land plots or any properties is a complex and difficult process. It is not enough to do market research or analyse the market potential. Knowing the seller and the history of the asset, revealing the otherwise hidden information that affect the business potential are sometimes more important. CCI has a vast experience in property investment projects and our experts are able to provide our clients with a 360 degree picture of the target investment.

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